Sunday, March 12, 2006

Poster and more

I received the Ghost Assassin: David poster from Ka-Blam earlier this week. Ka-Blam continues to impress me. Went to the Portland comic con last weekend. The whole thing was fairly boring. In my opinion this is a con that has been slowly dying for the last several years. I only bought from one table, dropped $59 at Things From Another Worlds booth. Got some great Hellboy and Goon TPBs. One interesting thing I picked up was a postcard from Super Real. On the back it had an advertisement for advertising 5,000 postcards for only $150. After checking it out I found out they will give you a set of 1,000 postcards for free if you pick up the shipping. After shipping charges it works out to $0.055 a piece. Not a bad deal. I plan on having some postcards printed through them to hand out at cons, comic shops and send out with my eBay orders. Hopefully that will drum up a little more awareness.

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