Monday, April 24, 2006

Independents Day!

A new revolution has started. Check out Jason Berek-Lewis has started a new movement to try and get indy comics into more people's hands. I for one think this is a great idea and fully support it. Although I read several Marvel/DC/Dark Horse titles every month (mostly X-MEN I admit-although I do get just about everything else in trade), I do try to buy at least one smaller press title every time I go in a shop. I will post some reviews on these titles in the next few days. Have picked up many great titles as of late, including Super Real #2, Atomika #1-6 and a few lesser known titles. Will be updating more in the next few days.

More shops...

Over this past weekend I got the chance to visit a few more shops. Check out for a up to date list on shops where you can find Darkslinger Comics titles. I have recently sent copies of our books to, I will update on when the books become available through them. Darkslinger Comics will be attending the Eugene Comics convention on May 21st. Be sure to stop by and say hi. We may be at the Olympia Comics Festival as well, just need to make sure which day it is first (website has two different days depending on which page you visit).


Darkslinger Comics Sketchbook volume 1 is now out. The first sketchbook features character designs, unused pages and raw pages from Ghost Assassin and The Pauper. Featuring work by Charles Carvalho,
Federico Zumel, and Eve.