Thursday, February 01, 2018

Ghost Assassin Kickstarter, Conventions and the return of El Bovine Muerte

The Ghost Assassin Kickstarter is off to a great start!  At the time of this writing we are 31% funded.  I had the opportunity this week to be a featured guest on two great comics themed podcasts.  On Monday I was interviewed for the Worst Comics Podcast Ever, which I have to say is an incorrect title for this podcast as it was one of the best interviews I have ever received. On Wednesday I was interviewed for the Nerd Nation Podcast, hosted by the incredibly talented Gene Hoyle.  On the Worst Comics Podcast Ever we mainly covered the emotions that went into creating Ghost Assassin while on the Nerd Nation Podcast we focused on the business side of creation.  Both podcasts will be available on Friday.

I will be hosting a Kickstarter Live Q&A on Saturday at 8 PM PST.  Please consider tuning in and asking any questions that you may have regarding Ghost Assassin.
We will be exhibiting at the I Like Comic Con happening in Ridgefield, Washington on February 10th and 11th.  We will be at booth E65.  If the wi-fi is strong enough at the venue I am planning on running a Kickstarter Live event from the show.  If you are planning on attending please consider dropping by the booth.  We should be easy to spot as we will have a 10 foot wide, 4 panel backdrop behind us that features images from El Bovine Muerte, Ghost Assassin, Chronicles of Van Helsing and Diary of a Dead Man.

Darkslinger In The News
Ghost Assassin has received a few great write-ups this week.  Ghost Assassin was deemed worthy in this week's "Worthy Wednesday" on the Black Suit of Death Blog.  To read that write-up please head over to
Comic-Watch posted an article on Ghost Assassin that can found at

The Return of El Bovine Muerte
El Bovine Muerte returned to being a weekly updated webcomic with last week's update!  The incredibly talented Gabriele Schiavoni is now the regular artist for the series.  The current story line clocks in at 4 pages and features Le Mime "reviewing" Ghost Assassin.  Unfortunately he isn't taking much of an interest in the comic as it doesn't feature him.  After this story line issue #4 will begin.

Please consider visiting Ghost Assassin on Kickstarter.  The campaign can be found at  There are several ways to help support the project.  If you are unable to back, sharing and talking about the project can help to a great deal.

Thank you!
Adam Watson

Thursday, January 04, 2018

Recommended Reading-Gloom Cookie

Issues read: #1-14 and Monsters Christmas Color Special.
I have been aware of Ted Naifeh's artwork for quite some time but had not given any of his titles a try until last year when I came across a copy of the first collection of Princess Ugg at my local library.  After reading this one volume I was hooked on Naifeh's storytelling.  It didn't take long before I had read through Princess Ugg Volume two, all of the volumes of Courtney Crumrin and both volumes of Death Jr.  Naifeh did both the writing and artwork on Courtney Crumrin and Princess Ugg.  Death Jr was a collaboration with Gary Whitta and various artists contributing covers.
You may be wondering why I have focused so much attention on Ted Naifeh when the recommended read of the week is Gloom Cookie.  The answer to that is actually fairly simplistic.  Ted Naifeh was the whole reason that I wanted to check this series out in the first place.  That being said it was a bit of a let down when he left the series with issue #6.  After issue #6 the art in this series stays consistently good but it is missing something by no longer included Naifeh's storytelling ability. The story remains tight though as each issue is written by Serena Valentino.
While reading the first issue it appeared that this comic was simply about relationships and goth culture but that is just its surface.  Gloom Cookie is about relationships and goth culture but it is also about ancient curses, gargoyles, monsters and a traveling circus that serves as the central connection to all of these elements.
If any of this sounds entertaining I highly recommend giving Gloom Cookie a try.  It can be found in your local 50 cent and dollar bins with a bit of digging or it is available in 5 graphic novels.  They are, unfortunately, out of print but can pretty easily be found online.  I will be tracking them down this year as I am eagerly anticipating the conclusion of this storyline.