Monday, August 27, 2012

El Bovine Muerte Contest!



08.27.2012  Molalla, OR-Darkslinger Comics is offering readers a rare chance to win a piece of El Bovine Muerte Original Art.  To enter the contest readers need only submit a question to the star of El Bovine Muerte, Le Mime.  All questions must be sent to and must be received by September 5th, 2012.  The first place winner will have their question answered by Le Mime within the pages of the El Bovine Muerte webcomic, a piece of original art by El Bovine Muerte artist Paul Johnson as well as an autographed copy of the print edition that their question appears in.  Two runners-up will also have their question answered by Le Mime as well as receiving an autographed edition of the print edition that their question is answered in.

Summary of El Bovine Muerte:
A story about a cow...but not just any ordinary cow, this is a genetically altered cow that has been created in a secret lab overseen by a delusionally mad mime on his quest to create the world's most perfect cheese.  However, the cheese has dangerous side effects and now a war has errupted to control the power of the cheese.  Will all of humanity suffer due to one mime's persuit of happiness?
El Bovine Muerte is a totally free webcomic that currently features over 70 pages posted.

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