Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ghost Assassin Kickstarter project...

We have started a new Ghost Assassin Kickstarter project!  Ghost Assassin Kickstarter  Follow the link to help support the project and get an exclusive hardcover, sketchbook, trading card, original artwork and more!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Comic Monsters has conducted an interview with Stefano Cardoselli regarding Who Will Save the World?  A one-shot comic scheduled to come out from Darkslinger Comics in March of 2011.  Stefano interview

El Bovine Muerte Chapter 2 is currently in production.  While you wait to read that, we are replacing pages from chapter #1 with artwork by Paul Johnson.  Page #2 was posted this week: Page #2

Chronicles of Van Helsing Chapter #3 is now finished.  It can be preordered at:  If you can't wait for the print version to read this bad boy, it can be purchased in pdf format from the same page, or at:
CoVH 3 MyeBook
Comics Drivethru
Carbonated Comics