Sunday, June 17, 2012

Who Will Save The World? Kickstarter

As of this writing there are just 65 hours left to get the Who Will Save The World? incentive you want on Kickstarter!  Several of the reward tiers are limited to Kickstarter, meaning in just 65 hours these items will never be available again!
We still have these limited edition reward tiers:
-Being drawn in as a soldier in the book
-Tattoo Design by Stefano Cardoselli
-Original art page from the book
-Original art to the Variant cover for the book
-Kickstarter Exclusive Variant Cover
-Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover
-Kickstarter Exclusive Sketchbook
-Print and digital editions of the book and so so much more!
If you are interested in becoming a backer, simply follow this link: